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Criminal, Family and Matrimonial Law

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When time is of the essence, we provide immediate and urgent help, and do everything we can to offer emergency assistance.

We offer the highest level of legal service and we are committed to helping clients in what can very often be extremely difficult and challenging personal circumstances. We act for Companies, private individuals, and for clients facing all forms of serious personal criminal offenses, and also more minor offenses such as road traffic cases.

It is important to obtain expert legal advice regarding all legal matters relating to the breakdown of relationships. It is a very stressful and emotional time for everyone involved, so it is important to ensure that quality advise is sought from lawyers who are experts in their field and understand the need to be supportive. Our team dealing with all aspects of divorce, matrimonial finance aims to achieve swift and amicable solutions in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our approach is professional and compassionate, it offers constructive and practical advice rather than an unnecessary confrontational approach. In order to protect our clients’ privacy, we insist upon total discretion at all times. The skills and experience of our team means that we can promote the use of round table meetings between parties as well as the traditional method of solicitor correspondence. The approach will be tailor made to suit the individual case and circumstance. handle criminal cases generally involving:

  • Fatal Offenses, i.e. manslaughter
  • Personal Offenses, i.e. assault, sexual abuse, slander and libel
  • Property Offenses, i.e. theft and robbery, extortion, fraud, trespassing, property damage
  • Crimes of Journalism & Publication / Defamation
  • Traffic Violations
  • Criminal Defense
  • Divorce and Separation Proceedings
  • Child Custody, Maintenance and Visitation
  • Inheritance and Succession Solutions
  • Conjugal Property Management
  • Division of Assets

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